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190 Magazine 14

This spring let your feminity shine.
Sensual, Sweet, ultra-feminine? Know your weapons of seduction with these proposals. Meet the accessories that will create a wardrobe full of romance and naivety.
Try to balance the extreme romance with a sexy touch. Here are some examples: long dress by Leyre Valiente with a ring by Daniel Espinosa, organza blouse by Moisés Nieto with Assaad Awad's belt or a blouse by Laura Bernal and headband by Monic.

Leyre Valiente, Laura Bernal, Assaas Awad, Moises Nieto, Almatrachi.

Assaad Awad, Elena Cancer, Viceroy, Daniel Espinosa, Monic


Photographer: Marta Gabaldón
Stylist: Anna Amez
Make up: Elena Deleyto
Model: Inés Baquera (Heels Spain)