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Leyre Valiente

Interview with one of spanish designers revelations

Leyre Valiente is one of the young rising stars in Spain's fashion world, but her talent trespasses frontiers and in 2011 she was included in the Vogue Italy's Talent Supplement, as one of 180 emerging talents.
Following her recent success in the EGO runway in Cibeles during Fashion Week, we had a chance to talk to her about her trayectory.

When did you decide wanted to get involved in the fashion world?
Pufffff.... It's something that I've always liked. When I finished high school, and I had to make up my mind and decide what to study, I considered it, but my parents didn't like the idea because it hadn't been accepted as an official degree, so I ended up going for AV Communications, since films are my other passion. During the course of my studies, I participated in the costume design department for several films and shorts, and that pushed me towards this path and so I studied Fashion Design in the Istituto Europeo di Design.

Since you finished, you have been working in several important firms...
In the summer of 2010 I had an internship for about two months in Yono Taola, and in the winter of 2011 I was with Alexander McQueen for two months also, before Cibeles I interned in Loewe.

Which designers inspired you?
When I came into the fashion world I was like a blank slate, I mean I barely knew any designers other than Lagerfeld and Galliano. As I've evolved, I have discovered my style gravitates more towards designers like Viktor & Rolf, Gareth Pugh o the deceased Alexander McQueen.

Any Spanish designers?
In general, Spanish fashion is either very conventional (boring) or very gaudy. I think Spanish designers have a problem finding that middle ground.. But there are designers I likevery much, such as Amaya Arzuaga, Maya Hansen, Sybilla or La Casita de Wendy (Wendy's little House).

A color? A fabric? But that's today; if you ask me 3 months from now I'll have changed my mind. I don't know but I like all colors, I have no problem with any of them: bright, pastels, they are all beautiful if combined properly. I like leather as a fabric, because of its malleability, I like being able to mold it.

What advice would you give someone who is planning to study fashion, just like you?
To work hard and as one of my favorite teachers told me , Isabel Sanchez, " neve forgive yourself" you alwyas need to strive to go beyond simply good.

A dream...
In general, to be able to do this, which is what I like, I really don't need much to live. Medium to long term goals, to dress Roony Mara, Florence Welch, Tilda Swinton, or Cate Blanchett, and maybe to create the wardrobe for a film.

A secret...
I tend to part from a crazy idea, or an image that's shocking, a montser, a very abstract concept, an art piece or even an internet joke, anything that inspires me is valid.

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Leyre Valiente
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