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The Lucilles

Speeding my heart

Video musical del álbum de The Lucilles "Sweet Soul Music vol1"

Words and music by Aldo Cavaleiro.
Written, directed and edited by Marta Gabaldón.

ALDO: Bass
PABLO: Drums
ALBERTO: Keyboards
DAVO: Guitar
DAVID: Baritone sax
MARTÍN: Tenor sax
JOSUÉ: Trumpet
IÑAKI:Background vocals
MARÍA: Background vocals
MARIO: Background vocals
KIKE: Background vocals

Produced by Angel Ramos and Aldo Cavaleiro.

Hector and Guille as "The Horns"
Carla and Fátima as "The Lucillettes"
Shot at location in Rock Palace, Madrid - Spain
Lucille's costumes: Lost People by Antonia Cruz
Style by Carla Rogel
The Lucilles want to thanks to all of our friends that helped us to make this video:
Cesar, Isb, Gema, Angel, Marta, Iñaki, Pío, Paco, Gela, Bárbara, Ana, Carlota, Nabor, Miriam.

We also want to thanks to Santi and all the crew from Rock Palace.
Special thanks to Andreu Muntaner "Lobo".


The Lucilles