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Colors and flavors

Expertos en Estética magazine

The runways around the world have made it clear: Its time for bright colors!

Do not know your favorite color? No problem, use them all! And make sure all are bright colors.

The temptation comes in the form of chocolate chips. Beware of the heat or they will melt in your mouth!

If you want a sweeter look, paint your lips in a soft pink color and then sprinkle over sugar grains. You will be a delight!

Red cherry lipstick will give you a very feminine touch. Finish your look by applying a bit of gloss on your lips to make them more juicy.

The orange is perfect for work or meet your friends for an apetizer.

Pink is the perfect shade to highlight your lips. Use a light shade for the day and take on a darker pink for the night.

Peach colors soften your features. Use translucent powder to give a velvety touch to your skin.

You can always combine all colors applying sweet colorful balls from the pastry section of the supermarket, have fun experimenting!

Expertos en Estética magazine (spanish)


Photographer: Marta Gabaldón
Make up: Elena Deleyto
Model: Aída López y Maria Eugenia Casamayor