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Happy Day Bakery

Madrid´s sweetest bakery

Happy Day (Espíritu Santo Street, 11) is the sweetest bakery in Malasaña. With the look of an authentic New York-inspired bakery from the fifties, Happy Day is a cozy place where you can have a coffee, a smoothie, muffins, cupcakes or other American delight that you want, including the famous bagels and hot dogs. Mario, the manager, told us all the secrets.

You were involved with this project from the very beginning ...
Yes, from the construction of the shop to the choice of products. We wanted the decor to be different from a regular pastry, for it to be inspired in American's 1950-60's, rescuing lamps and furniture from the period, and its music.

And you decorate the store for special occasions too...
Yes of course. We decorated the store with everything related to the holidays, whether it's Halloween, Christmas, etc. We even celebrate Thanksgiving which is an all-American holiday

Anything special for Valentine's Day?
We are planning to fill the shop with hearts balloons, cakes and heart lollipops.

Do you make customized desserts?
Many brands are counting on us for their events. We make cookies shaped like Loewe bags and we do this also for Louis Vuitton, Tous, Tiffany's ... But not only for businesses, we also do special events such as bridal showers, birthdays, babyshowers ...

What is your favorite candy?
The carrot cake. The cake and the carrot cupcake.

A desire ...
To open many more stores and get more people to enjoy our cupcakes.

A secret ...
Every time a person enters this door, they are welcomed with a smile. We called it the Happy Day Experience.

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Happy Day Bakery
Address: Espíritu Santo, 11. Madrid