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Nani Jimenez

Interview with the actresse

Nani Jimenez just wrapped up filming the final season of the series "El Internado" (Boarding School) and can boast of having worked with some of the moment handsomest actors: Martin Rivas and José Angel Trigo. She is approachable, beautiful and talented....yes, she has it all!

We know you best for your work on several TV series, would you like to make movies?
I would love to be given a good script and return to making films. There are many good directors that are well known in Spain, but there also many young new talented directors, who are eager to work.

Who is Nani in real life?
I am a dreamer, but a realist at the same time; am a grounded person. When it comes to working I like to fill myself up with courage.

Is the life of an actress hard, being away from friends and family?
You get used to this life where you meet different people that you probably wouldn't know if you lived a regular life, and I think that's the best part of this career. Although you tend to miss having a routine, because it's a pretty crazy life, one day you're in Madrid and the next in the Carribbean! But you must have yor feet on the ground and know exactly what you want. I'm very eager to continue in this profession which is what I like and to be able to interpret various roles.

How has the experience of being a part of a series with so much success as "El Internado", been?
During filming they were very carefull with the lighting and angles, it has been fantastic having the opportunity of participating in a series like this. The team is fantastic, there is a great atmosphere and then again it's been sad seeing it come to an end so quickly.

Filming has already finished, did you know in advance how the series would end?
Not at all! None of us knew how the series would end. We would find out the plot as we were given the scripts. The last episode was edited and we were only given the dialogs for our characters, so that we wouldn't know exactly how the series would end.

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Nani Jimenez
Spanish actress