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Interview with the spanish artist

One of our favorite Spanish artists has finally got back on stage!

We've seen her dancing and singing these days all over Spain, and it's that Natalia is back with lots of energy and a message: Free yourself movement!

In your latest performances you show up with new look and new rhythms. How would you define your musical style?
On this album, I tried to make a fusion between electronic music and R & B. It's a very powerful mix and I think it sounds pretty good. I've been soaking up American music for a year and a half to be able to include the style in my singing and dancing.

The video for the first single, Libérate (Free yourself), has a very impressive aesthetic...
I love making videos! That and performing live is what I love most in this world. I like to create them, I like to set up the choreography, I like... everything!
With Free yourself we created a choreography inspired by African dance and I had to prepare a lot, running half hour every day, in very extravagant and glamorous outfits ... something very visual. I wanted people to see a change.

When the disc will be released?
There is no date. We decided to take the initiative with releasing out single by single followed by its video. Normally, when you promote an album, you put out one or two singles and that's it. There are many songs that never get to be known, which is a shame, so we decided to try this new form of promotion.

What is the message of the Free yourself movement?
It's a song for people to free themselves, to forget the bad things that happened and live the moment, because the life is short. I have been involved a lot in this song. I wrote lyrics, participated in the production...

You've been in the music world for nine years. How do you see your evolution?
The good thing I've had in my career is that I haven't stayed quiet. I could do many things and continually reinvent myself. I think that is the key to keep people around and you keep being interesting. I admire much Madonna, Christina Aguilera and Lady Gaga, who reinvent their look with each disc.

A dream to fulfill...
I always wanted to go beyond Spain, and with this single we have produced in Spanish and English, we want to open the market a little and reach more people.

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