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Rita Von (máquina de cosas bonitas)


Rita Von is made up of two designers, Cecilia and Andrea, who decided to change their lives in the world of advertisement for the world of headdresses. And what gorgeous headdresses they make! Classic, playful, dotted...their imagination has no limits. Visit their store (by appointment) in Pelayo Street #55 to see their creations.

How did you decide on the name?
We found that it evoked the style of the nineteen twenties... it sounds sort of like an opera singer, with personality and style someone who could wear this type of thing on their head.

How did Rita Von come into being?
It was fairly casual ... One day, 4 years ago; we agreed to make several headdresses. We decided to post them on Facebook, and we sold them. Then we started hosting a party: once a week we would decorate a room with the headdresses that we had made and we'd invite friends, and friends of friends... and it worked really well thanks to word of mouth, so we decided to focus on it full time.

Who comes here to shop for headdresses?
We custom make them according to the client's taste. We get a lot of wedding guest, and those are the funnest headdresses. And every day we get more and more brides coming in. They are turning away from the veil and the traditional style of wearing them; they want to do something special, something unique.

We have seen a continuation of the turban trend, and of nude tones, although green is being used quite a bit. But headdresses don't really follow the general fashion trends. May times what you want is to create contrast, it's a lot more open...Nude tones are always in style because it's a color that really favores the face and gives height, which is always good.

How long does it take?
Many people come in here and fall in love with a headdress and then go out and find a dress. We have many headdresses that are ready and available in the store, there are models that fit just right and can be taken right away. It's important to have an appointment.
But then again it is easier if the customer comes here last, with all the other elements at hand -dress, shoes, and bag, - we can unify them or separate them and play around with colors and feathers. It can really be done in 15 days, but we appreciate clients coming in a month ahead of time. It's good to have some wiggle room, if you're not satisfied with the result, then we have time to make changes.

A secret...
we are creating a new website, and a new bridal collection, but with a different focus.

A dream...
to be able to continue working in this industry.


Rita Von (máquina de cosas bonitas)
Address:Calle Pelayo, Madrid
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