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Tipos Infames library

Books and wine in Madrid´s city center

Bookstore Tipos Infames (Infamous gays) in Malasaña has become a meeting place for book lovers and culture. You can go there to have a coffee, see an exhibition, a conference, do a workshop or even wine tastings ... but above all, you will find here good books.

When did you decided to create a business together?
We met 13 years ago in college and have always wanted to do something together. Rather than go to trip to decided to built a library.

In Malasaña... why?
This is the area we know best and where we fit best.

What balance do you do in your first year?
You talk to open a library and everyone will think you are a little crazy, but the balance is positive.

How would you define Tipos Infames (Infamous gays)?
Is a bookstore with something else. Part coffee shop, part wine store, part workshop, part exhibition ... The main bet is literature, but we want to enrich the experience of coming here to buy a book. For a quick purchase you go to another shop.

Do you have any projects?
We still have many ideas to develop, like wine tasting from one country to the literature of that country ...

A dream ...
Tipos Infames (Infamous gays) Do what you love and being with your best friends.

A secret ...
We lost our youth in Malasaña.

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Tipos Infames
Address: San Joaquín 3, Madrid