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La Casita de Wendy (Wendys house)

Interview with the designers

La Casita de Wendy (Wendy´s Little House) is one of Spain best known fashion brands. Ines and Ivan, the designers behind the brand, spoke to us about their current projects, in both the world of fashion and teaching.

How did you started in fashion?
We started making clothes and wanting to be more involved in the fashion world. It's been many years since then and the fact is that that world has repelled us a bit, so now we're doing other things, away from the spotlight and glamour of the fashion world. We just love making clothes.

Do you make children's clothing?
Since Ines became a mother, she started working on kids clothes. It's another world, different pattern, distribution points, everything is different!

Any goals?
Not really. Today we just want to relax, take time for ourselves and to work on our projects.

You also work as teachers...
We love to teach. We work in the IED and we have a separate Studio where we teach styling, fashion design, small business management, printing... And from time to time we do small workshops.

Who would you like to see wearing your clothes?
Russian Red, the singer, we love her music. Whenever she wears anything that's ours, she takes a picture and sends it to us. We love her!

A dream ...
To keep doing what we love.

A secret...
Because we teach we try to reveal all of our secrets to our students.

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La Casita de Wendy (Wendys house)